My New Blog

Well, world, here I am. Many friends have been suggesting I should write a blog. Or perhaps have a reality TV show. As I can’t imagine all those people following me around every day, I opted for a blog, at least for now.

I have a bi-cultural family. I am American. My husband is Russian – of Armenian descent. He grew up in the former Soviet Union (in what is now known as Georgia) as well as in Russia. They lived on the Black Sea in a lovely area. He considers Sochi, Russia to be his hometown. The whole Armenian/Russian thing involves a lot of history and politics. Basically around the beginning of the 20th century a lot of Armenians moved to that area – as it was sort of across the sea from Armenia. I choose to leave the politics out of this first post – to avoid negative comments. Have no doubt, the Armenians are a proud people and have clung to their culture even in different areas of the world. The Russian/Armenians I met are different from a lot of Russians I have met in some ways. They still have a lot of their Armenian culture and are proud of it.

Learning how to negotiate being from two completely different cultures and family types has been much more of an adventure than either of us could have expected. Add to that other factors in our lives, and it has already been a wild ride. My husband and I married about 6 years ago. We have a 5-year-old son, and we live in Colorado. There is a large Armenian and Russian immigrant population here and it does help us to keep some of his culture in our lives.

But this blog is not just about culture. It will be covering many aspects of my life. I am a thyroid cancer survivor, I have lived a very colorful life in my past, and will probably share parts of those adventures as well. I make no apologies or explanations – some things may offend some people. I will try to keep the more “un-family friendly” posts in a different category, so people don’t need to be afraid to read my blog. Please know, if you stumble across this blog and I have written something about my in-laws culture that offends you, I mean no harm. I am simply sharing my view of another culture – sometimes with humor, but always with love.

Please enjoy the story that is our lives – past, present, and future.


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