Lost in translation.

My FIL is learning English. I have tried to learn Russian. I am not a very fast study and I don’t try very hard. Honestly, if I spent 20 minutes a day on Russian, and not on Facebook or Pinterest, or reading blogs I love, I’d be speaking fluently by now. 

This morning my son said to his grandpa “Dedushka, come play with me.” My FIL had just come down to have breakfast. He said to my son “I make breakfast. Then play.” My son is pulling his grandpa’s arm off, and trying to point and grunt to tell him what he wants (he learned this method pretty quickly when my in-laws got here). I said “Son, Dedushka said no, you have to wait.” At this point my son has completely stopped listening. We are working on his listening skills – he has some “troubles” in school. So I tell him he has to listen. Which he doesn’t hear.

I grab his hand, walk him to the couch and said “A, why didn’t you listen – you have to listen when your grandparents say no. Why didn’t you listen?” He says – very exasperated – “MOM! He speaks Russian! I don’t know Russian!”  I said “He was speaking English. You need to listen better.”  “Mom. That wasn’t English. I know English.”  

I guess my poor FIL had to practice some more. 


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