Random story I just thought about and had to share with the world. #1

Yes, it does need a #1 behind it, because honestly, this happens every hour.

7th grade. Algebra class. (the stupid algebra class, because honestly, I was terrible at math) We all know that young teens have a terrible self esteem and hate being singled out in class. (hint – if you don’t know this, you are probably a junior high math teacher and need to learn it before you continue to crush young souls).

My math teacher: tall, skinny, unwashed hair, thick thick coke bottle glasses – god knows how he saw through them – they were so dirty with oil and dandruff and…. BLECH. You get the picture.

So there I am, young, obnoxious, full of my self… maybe a little entitled at that point.

Mr. S is trying to teach us how to calculate the slope of a line. I am honestly not getting it. (I told you I sucked at math.) Instead of trying to help me he ATTACKS me.I mean truly attacks me. He says “you have to learn this because if you don’t you will never get anywhere in life.” (what a jerk, right? I was SO offended. HA)

Now, I know this isn’t true, because my mom is terrible at math and she is a professional woman who speaks her mind and kicks ass and takes names.

So, I say “Tell me, when will I ever have to use this in my real life.”

Yes, I did.

And Mr. S – who is now pissed off on top of being frustrated with me – says “If you want to dig a ditch, you will have to calculate the slope of…”

I interrupt him. In front of the class. I say “If I ever need a ditch dug, I will simply hire someone to dig it. They can calculate the slope.”

True story.

Did I get in trouble? No. My mom knew my argument was sound. After all, she had never had to calculate the slope of a line either.

(the ending involves the principal’s office and Mr. S treating me like a moron for the rest of the year… but, you know, the interesting part is up above.)


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