Marky Mark

My husband never ceases to be amazed by my knowlege of the trivialities of our cultural references. You may not realize this, but Americans really talk in cultural reference all the time. TV shows, books, movies from the 50’s or 70’s or 80’s. Try explaining an “ET” reference or “Hammer Time” to someone from another country. I dare you. 

In an older Eminem song (which my husband would have never even heard if he hadn’t married me – yes – I’m cooler than I look) there is a line that says “Back when Mark Whalberg was Marky Mark…” Well – the hubbs wanted to know what this meant. I proceeded to explain that Mark Whalberg – as sexy and good at acting as he is now, was not always such a mega star. That at ONE point in his career (when I was in junior high) he was the little brother of one of the New Kids On The Block. He then became a rapper/hip hop artist named “Marky Mark”. Just look at all of the cultural references there – NKOTB, Donnie Whalberg, 90’s rap, etc. I ended up finding some old videos on youtube and we watched them. Boy was Marky Mark skinny!!!

THEN, just to add a little flavor to the mix, my husband tells all of his friends at the next get together we have (after several drinks of vodka) all about Marky Mark and his career.

They weren’t as impressed as my husband. Perhaps he left out all the cultural references I explained in detail. Perhaps “back when Mark Whalberg was Marky Mark” just doesn’t translate well into Russian…


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