Free Crap at Microsoft

I have to preface this story by saying that free stuff is like pure gold for my husband’s family and friends. I mean, you just can’t ignore free stuff. It’s like a beacon on a cold dark night.

My husband calls me yesterday telling me his friend went to the local microsoft store and got a free smart phone and I should go. I try to get the details. He doesn’t really know them. I call the store. The gal that answers says they have this promotion going where you bring in your smart phone, try to beat their smartphone in a match for quickness and if your phone is the fastest you win a laptop. If your phone looses you get a new phone. At least for the first 100 people. After that you get a $25 gift certificate to microsoft. (just what I wanted) I know my phone will not win. But a free phone would be nice.

I tell him I will try to go today.

This store is at the mall I hate the most in town. Very uppity, very snobby. Always packed with rich teenagers.

I couldn’t go this morning – had too much to do to get my son ready for school, etc. And my anxiety was sky high. Before school is even over my husband is texting me to see if I am going and when.

Him: Are you going to microsoft?

Me: I don’t really want to.

Him: It’s a FREE phone.

Me: Yeah, but they are probably already out. And I hate going to the mall lately my anxiety just kills me.

Him. IT’S FREE!!!

Me: I will try.

So I do. I try to go to the stupid microsoft store at the stupid mall. I get there and stand in a line waiting for this pimply faced 16 year old geek who thinks he knows everything to instruct the people in front of me on what to do. And he is really snotty about it. “SIR, I said I need you to keep it on the LOCKED screen” “Sir, I don’t know how to translate on your phone. I only know on our phones.You just have to know how to do it to take the challenge.” After the man 3 people ahead of me is stumped and his phone doesn’t win the “challenge” the kid informs him they are out of both phones and gift cards.

I turn and leave without waiting my turn to take the challenge with my terrible phone.

Then I text my husband:

I hate the mall. I hate the microsoft store. And if you ever send me for free crap again it better be booze or drugs. 


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