Karate Class Fail

So, all week we have been recovering from our trip and I have had migraines and kidney stones… blah blah blah. ANYWHO. We are supposed to go to Karate 2 times a week and *apparently* I didn’t get there until Friday this week. We walked in and the whole place was dark and torn apart. I had a feeling something was wrong. The owner came out and said they were closed today and tomorrow (CRAP!!) but they were having an Easter party tonight. Could we come? So I went. Because my son was bawling about how I missed class and he was “ruined. just ruined.”

Let me point out here that all of the parties they have had at the karate place were “parent’s night out” parties. I dropped him off for 4 hours and enjoyed my time alone.

*Apparently* this wasn’t the same kind of party.

WHY oh WHY have I not just started carrying a water bottle full of margaritas every where I go? Or at least vodka.

So, we did the easter party. The kid hunts for easter eggs, gets all wet and cold in some dunking foam easter egg game, runs around bothering the older boys because he really likes older boys but doesn’t get how to be “cool” with them yet, and played some games. 

The second to the last game was relay teams holding a ball between their legs and hopping across the room and back. So basically 10 kids up to about age 10 put a ball in their crotch and hopped all over the room. Twice. When the last person in my son’s relay team was done the girl in the front took the ball, held it to her nose, and inhaled deeply.

Yep. She smelled a crotch ball.

Kids are so gross. It’s a wonder they ever survive childhood.


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