We Burned a Lady AKA Easter

Holidays in our house are interesting. To say the least. I try to get my husband to tell me some of their traditions so we can teach our son about both sides of his background. He usually shrugs and grunts something about baking pumpkins or “caroling” as a child to get sips of wine and chocolates on New Years. (He just can’t believe all our kids have to do on Halloween is say “trick or treat” – he had to get dressed up, sing, AND dance for candy on New Year!)

So, it’s Easter.

First off, I am not a traditional Christian. I don’t really care about Easter. We do the eggs and an Easter hunt and a basket and that’s it. I was raised in a religious home, so I know the meaning behind it, etc. but we didn’t do Lent or Good Friday or Ash Wednesday or any of that – it wasn’t part of our religion. My husband’s family never really went to church, but they did celebrate the holidays with certain traditions every year.  Post Soviet Union of course.

THIS year Moozh (which is what I call him, but just means “husband” in Russian) wants to partake in Great Lent and everything. So in Russia Lent starts out with Pancake Week. I kid you not. It’s actually called “Maslenitsa” and they eat a whole bunch of naughty foods, drink, visit neighbors, dance, etc. during Pancake Week. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslenitsa

I decided I’d better try and figure out the rules for Lent and also this Maslenitsa stuff if he wants to do it. My MIL doesn’t do Lent, but she does do Pancake Week. So we ate a bunch of blinchikies (pancakes like crepes) and other naughty stuff.

And then I read that at the end of Maslenitsa they often burn a lady. 

(yeah yeah, it’s an effigy – made out of straw or other such things – but THEY BURN A LADY!!!)

Is that not the BEST Easter related tradition you have ever heard?

So I get to thinking, WHAT kind of mother would I be, really, if I didn’t take every single chance to burn a lady that presented itself? I mean, really?


So, I made a lady (out of paper, cause I was short on time, and straw) and we burned that bitch. Burned her UP. 

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