Easter Sunday at the Lake

Every Easter my husbands friends and family (about 300 Armenian/Russians) get together at the lake. They BBQ, they eat, they drink vodka, they let the kids run around like monkeys, they talk, they play volleyball, etc. I always enjoy myself at these get togethers. For about 2 hours. Then I am ready to head home.. My husband is always prepared to stay 10 hours. No that’s not an exaggeration. They really do hang out for 10+ hours at the lake. Every time they have a get together. My husband’s last birthday get together went on for 12 hours. The women all had sunburns and were exhausted, but the men were drunk and obnoxious and we couldn’t get them to go. 

Today my husband says “you don’t have to come if you don’t want to, honey.” For a split second I was offended. 

It dawned on me that I would have several hours alone in the house until my MIL gets off work. This is like the holy grail of my current life. Time alone.

Sometimes I think my husband’s friends and family must think I don’t like them, or I’m a social outcast, or I am just plain crazy. But that doesn’t override my desire for time alone. 

I quickly said, “Ok, say hi to everyone for me!” and packed the boys off to the lake. 

I don’t have to stay hanging out forever when I really just want to rest, I don’t have to worry that other people’s children are going to drown in the lake because they don’t watch them like I think they should. My son gets to run around like a monkey with other kids all day outside. My husband gets to hang out with his friends all day. I don’t have to listen to my FIL or my husband’s uncle’s or friends get drunk and stupid (someone always does.) AND the Russian chicks don’t have to politely speak English to include me (or worse translate for someone.)

Everyone wins. 


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