The Russians and Pain

My in-laws don’t like to take medicine. At all. My FIL refused pain meds after the first few days post heart surgery. I had a very similar surgery – I had my sternum cut all the way open to take tumors out of my chest – and I was on a phentanyl patch for 2 months. And I’m no wimp.

My in-laws think it’s very bad to ice your body – like if you had a neck ache and the doctor tells you to put ice on it. This will make you sick.

My in-laws don’t like to use the heating pad. Because “electric things aren’t always good”. I guess using electricity on the body is bad? I wonder what she would think of the tens unit I used when I had a back injury.

My poor MIL has chronic back and leg pain. I mean every day and sometimes it’s unbearable – I can see it in her face. She needs surgery on several parts of her body.

What does she do for this pain? Ibuprofen? Heat? Ice?

Nope. She takes a hot shower and rests. Once in a while she brews up some kind of herbal thing – either to bathe in or to drink. But for the most part she just suffers.

I will never understand this. For reals.


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