Allergy Season

I have allergies. Bad ones. Ones that make it so I can’t breathe because of my asthma and I want to chop my head off because of the migraines my sinuses cause. I didn’t always have them. My allergies started about age 22 but didn’t get bad until 5-6 years later.

My son has allergies. Not as bad as mine, but they make his eczema act up and his nose yucky.

My MIL loves “clean air” which means fresh air. And you know what? I do too. I love clean, unpollenated air. Actually I do love fresh air – I just can’t stand it during 3 seasons of the year.

So we have had several conversations (which means I yelled at my husband and he talked to them) about not opening the doors and windows. Because EVEN if I’m not here, closing the doors and windows when I get home doesn’t fix it – the pollen has already invaded my bedding and couch and clothes and carpet. Sigh.

I know it’s hard when you are so far from home and you can’t have things the way you want.

I hear there is lots of fresh air in Russia…..


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