A Day Full of Moments

Today has been a day full of moments. 

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Unknown Author

The first moments of my day were painful and exhausting. Waking at 4:30 am I had terrible shoulder and neck pain. I spent the next 2 hours trying to stretch, heat, ice, rub, lotion, and meditate away the pain. 

You would think that this would have made for a terrible day.

But you would be surprised.

My husband’s parents got up and left the house early and instead of my husband jumping up to go to work early, he lingered in bed, then we ate breakfast together and had tea. My son lazed in today so “moozh” and I enjoyed the quiet in the house and he got on the exercise machine while I stretched and yoga’d some more. We spoke some, but mostly enjoyed the sounds of morning – birds, wind, a dog barking. The moments of quiet morning we never get to have anymore.

My son came down cranky at the dog who “wouldn’t shut up and was keeping him awake”. 

Instead of starting the TV right away, my husband took him outside and threw cardboard airplanes and kicked the ball with him for a while. 

I looked outside and saw my husband and son both squatting in the rocks beneath one of our tall flowering bushes talking. Enjoying some moments of morning sunshine and each other. And throwing rocks.

I pittered around the house cleaning a bit and relaxing.

Before my husband left we got ready together – which we never do anymore. Moments of each other grooming and talking.

My son and I relaxed all morning – just getting ready for school and doing nothing much else important. Moments of calm.

My son had a great day at school – no surprise there with his lovely morning moments.

I took some time for myself this afternoon – doing some things I rarely do, reading, taking care of odds and ends.

I took 55 moments for myself going to get a massage to try and work out the pain in my shoulder and neck. Those were lovely and I truly tried to stay in the moment while the body work was being done.

When I got home my son had been playing with his grandma – moments of quiet together.

He “loved me up the stairs before bath”. Moments of him hugging my legs from behind, us trying not to trip and him bumping his head into my butt. 

He had a hard time falling asleep, and after reading a particularly nice relaxing book we snuggled and sang a lullaby to each other. Moments of pure love. 

And now my hubby comes home. 

Perhaps some moments of quiet again before bed.

It truly is the moments. But you have to stop and listen and see them. And enjoy them. 


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