My son is a terrific traveler. Honestly he hasn’t had a choice. He went to Russia 2 times before he was 3. That’s a really long plane ride (15 hours without layovers) and staying a month in a place where you don’t understand the language as much as you SHOULD when you have a Russian father (AHEM) and don’t know the family that insists on taking care of you.That’s 1 more trip to Russia than I have taken. My husband is trying to convince me he needs to go all next summer without us. I don’t think I can do that….

He also traveled a lot as a baby due to my illness. Until he was 3 or so he went to my parent’s home a lot, 500 miles away, both with and without his parents. He stayed at his aunt’s and uncle’s house at least 2 times while I was sick, also 500 miles away – without his parents. And his mom likes to go see her family a lot. So we try to make at least 5 trips to family a year. Usually him and mom.

He LOVES hotels. He is infatuated with them. In fact, he has 2 favorite hotels. 

Due to my health traveling has become difficult on me. Long drives wear me out, trigger migraines, make my shoulder and neck act up more… Usually we have to stop at a hotel either on the way TO family, or on the way home. We now have a favorite hotel on the way home from his grandparent’s house. It has a koi pond where they let you feed the koi. It has a pool that he can actually play in alone – a very long shallow end. The icing on the cake – the gamecube in the room. His second favorite hotel is in Keystone. We went up there for a weekend this winter, to spend time at the ski resort. They have certain “kid centered” days there and we played in a giant snow fort, went snow tubing down GIANT hills, rode a gondola, did arts and crafts, had face painting done, and watched a science show. Next year we will take skiing lessons. And by “we”, I mean the two russian guys. No skiing for this gal. I will be enjoying a day at the spa. Anywho – we had a reservation at a certain lodge and got upgraded to their sister lodge because they ran out of room. It was lovely – truly lovely – and we didn’t even go to the pool or anything. He still talks fondly of that “special hotel”. LOL

Today he stopped in the middle of his brick building and said, “mom, I really want to go to a hotel again. I said, “honey, I am sure we will be really soon. We are planning on a little vacation this summer, and I’m sure we will need to stay somewhere then.” He replies, “Thanks mom, you are the best mom ever!”

My husband on the other hand gets a little verklempt about the whole thing. “How can a 5 year old have a favorite hotel? I didn’t even know what a hotel was when I was 5.” I say, “Well, honey – you wanted a different life for your child, and sometimes that includes things you don’t necessarily like better. It’s the mix you have to look at. Over all he has what he needs, he doesn’t want for anything, he isn’t treated poorly for the color of his skin or his last name. He can get a decent education for very little money. He can go to college if he wants or he can get a good job. These are all things that are better. So he likes hotels. Who doesn’t? Maybe he will travel the world when he’s older.”  The hubbs always just kind of grunts at this. But I know he likes that he can give his son a different life. As long as he stops by Russia on his way to traveling the world it will all work out in the end.


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