Many people who have their thyroids out eventually have what we lovingly refer to as “thymentia”. Our doctors mostly brush it off, so I don’t know if it’s from not having the natural hormones in our body, the treatments we undergo, the medicine we take, or what. We are forgetful, foggy brained, can’t read as fast as we used to, have to study harder, etc.

I do know it sucks.

This last week was stressful and I was exhausted.

~I forgot several things we needed to take with us when I was packing.

~I forgot to do my hair one day.

~I forgot to get my nephew out of the bath. Completely forgot about him. His uncle found him.

~I forgot to close the washing machine at my parents house so it would run like 15 TIMES.

~I forgot to take the dry stuff out about the same number of times.

~I have lost my glasses.

~I put a pot of water on to boil. I forgot about it. I went RUNNING into the kitchen to try and put out a fire and realized I didn’t even turn on the burner. Then, when I got the burner turned on and cooked the noodles, I forgot to turn off the burner. For like 5 minutes.

~I can’t find my son’s soccer shirt ANYWHERE. At all. We have a game today.



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