The Russian Accent

When I met my husband he had a very thick accent and was still mastering the more intricate parts of the English language. He was fluent, but there were phrases, words, cultural references that he didn’t know.

After working in sales for the last few years he has lost much of his accent and he speaks rather proper now.

The other day I teased him that I missed his Russian accent (I thought he would get it back more strongly after his parents moved here – it always gets stronger when he goes home – but he hasn’t this time.) 

Now he is walking around saying things like:

“Zat is exactly Zee problem.”

“VAT do you mean?”

“The vind is very strong today.”

“ZIS is very gud for your health.”

“WHO are zeez people?”

“We need to calmb your hair boy.”

I think he’s trying to cheer me up. He has put a smile on my face a couple times for sure.


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