Sometimes Life’s a Bitch, Sometimes It’s a Breeze.

Ah, Stevie – you can really sing it. And you speak the truth.

Sometimes life IS a bitch. It doesn’t feel like a breeze very often, but those are the times you look back and see that it really was.

The thing is, you can’t change what’s happening around you. Not in a real and technical sense of the word change. You can pray or meditate or send out your energy or imagine what you want your life to be like… ¬†Unfortunately, sometimes that just isn’t enough. Or at least it doesn’t work the way we want it to at the time. (I have often looked back and said “AH – well, apparently the universe knew what it was doing.”)

I have struggled to post here this week. I have been a bit down. Having a lot of pain. Worried about loved ones. Run ragged by my active boy. I have tried to make my husband happy since it’s his birthday this week. We celebrated Mother’s Day. It’s been not only a busy week, but a week that I haven’t felt the inspiration to write. Honestly, I have been trying to come up with more funny, sassy stuff, but perhaps that is not what my heart wants to write right now.

Sometimes life seems overwhelming.

To anyone.

Sometimes it is not just the daily things in my personal life that make me feel overwhelmed, but also the big picture things – politics, news, religious discussions, the world my son is going to inherit. I KNOW in my heart that I should allow these things to roll off my shoulders. But I can’t always. I care way more than I should about things I can’t change all on my own. Sure, the things I REALLY care about I try to write letters, sign petitions, etc. Some weeks, I just can’t handle reading about one more bigot or one more spewing of hatred.

And then I disconnect. I stop reading people’s facebook posts, I stop reading the news online. I stop watching or listening to anything “fact based.”

I think this is important in everyone’s lives. If you go on vacation, leave your smartphone in the hotel room and your laptop at home. If you go on a weekend getaway, why are you facebooking the whole time? ENJOY the moments without being connected to everyone in the rest of the world. I know, you THINK it is relaxing. It isn’t. It is overstimulating.

Try this sometime soon. Go someplace beautiful. The ocean, the mountains, a river… Someplace in nature – away from the hustle and bustle. And just sit. Just sit and listen to what NATURE has to say. Perhaps you will learn something. My best meditations have happened at my favorite hiking trail, up in a big tree. Or by the river in the same area. And I have found peace, love, and light there. I have recharged my batteries. No matter WHERE you go, on a business trip, on vacation, on a weekend hike; take a moment to just sit and enjoy your surroundings and let yourself just BE.

This is my prescription.

(You can even do it with kids around. I have. I let my kid splash in the river and throw rocks and sticks and I sit quietly and peacefully. Soon, he comes to sit by me too. It helps them learn too.)


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