Easy Cancer My Ass!

When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer the doctor (who is truly a wonderful doctor) said “Well, if you have to get cancer, thyroid is the one to get. You get your thyroid out, take a pill for the rest of your life, and that’s it.” Thyroid cancer is often times referred to as the easiest or best cancer. Let me give all you docs and nurses out there a clue. NO cancer is easy or best. Cancer sucks. The big one. Yes, thyroid cancer is the most treatable cancer, and has the highest recovery rate. It also has the highest recurrence rate.

Obviously it didn’t go that way for me. It’s been a long tough road that most likely isn’t at an end yet.

This morning I was putting my pills together as I do every week. I have to use two of those “old lady” pill organizers because I just don’t want to dig through the bag of pills for 15 pills a day. Yep. 15. It dawned on me that this is crap. having to take this many meds is crap. 


The pills on the counter are my daily pills. Left is morning, right is evening. I am officially supposed to get up at like 5 am and take two of them separately with a giant glass of water, so they are taken apart from my vitamins and other pills and food and any drink besides water. This doesn’t work for me *apparently* (cough)

since I realized this morning I hadn’t taken my thyroid pills for 4 days!!!!! Biggest no no for someone with no thyroid. Biggest. No wonder I feel like crap.

All the pills you see here except the big pink one on the left (multivite) and the little purple one on the right are pills I started taking since my thyroid surgery. I won’t go through them all, but I have to take 4 different supplements – HAVE to, don’t choose to – my body doesn’t absorb certain minerals and vitamins properly any more due to parathyroid damage – bet you don’t even know what THAT is). I have to take medicine for my heart rate, to replace my missing thyroid, to help lower my cholesterol which is in part due to my thyroid medicine, to prevent me from having a child since my body CAN NOT handle it now, to help me sleep at night because of the high dose of thyroid meds they have me on (also why I have to fix my heart rate) (just benadryl), and more. And you wonder why I am so crazy? I cringe every morning just thinking about all the toxins I am putting in my body. And this doesn’t even include my “sometimes meds” – like for migraines and chest pain and such. Those are the worst ones.

You may ask what would happen if I went off all my pills. Well, first my heart rate goes up. Like the next day. It makes me irritable, unable to sleep, feel like crap all the time, and have more migraines. Then my triglycerides and cholesterol go up – all of these things (heart rate too) will wear out my heart or eventually cause heart attack. My little purple pill allows me to sleep, bend over, squat down – because it controls my extreme acid reflux. My life is intollerable without it. And yes, I have tried a bunch of natural crap for that. I might get pregnant which might actually kill me – my body can’t take it now my doctors say. Without my minerals and vitamins I get really ill – migraines, terrible body aches and muscle and joint cramps to where I can’t sleep or walk, and more. Without my thyroid meds I would get sicker and sicker, not able to do the daily things I need to do – like brush my hair, get out of bed – and then I would slip into a peaceful coma and die – which would be completely welcome at that point. When I have had to go off my thyroid meds for a treatment I honestly thought I would die. I couldn’t even carry my 4 month old baby. I slept like 20 hours a day. It was terrible.SO, you see, I can’t go off my meds. 

Next time you start to think about what kind of cancer you would rather have, just stop and say NO to cancer. Because let’s face it – all cancer is cancer and it sucks. The big one.


Just say no to cancer: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cancer-prevention/CA00024  – also if you google “prevent cancer” you will find many lists that tell you what foods to eat to help avoid cancer. 


3 thoughts on “Easy Cancer My Ass!

  1. No shit woman! Thyroid cancer sucks!!! Thanks for making it real for those who don’t get it or think it is “the easy cancer”. It’s cancer, It sucks!

    I wish I would have just said no to cancer! 🙂

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