Iron Man Karate Gear

My son tried out the “black belt program” at Karate today. As opposed to his regular program, in the black belt program they learn nunchuks and ascrima sticks and sparring and breaking boards, etc. We had already decided to wait until after summer because we will be gone some and it’s more expensive. But I wanted him to have a goal to work toward so I took him to try it out.

WELL, he did really well focusing and really enjoyed it. AND of course they were having a great deal. Today only. No down payment, (which is huge) and a discount on the gear.

The following is a text conversation between my husband and I:

me: they are having a really good deal on the program (details of the deal) plus gear – but we don’t have to buy that all at once right away.

him: do you think he would like it?

me: I really do – I have never seen him focus so much in class.

him: well do it then, but don’t buy gear until we get paid

me: ok

I sign him up and then send this text:  Ok done. If we buy all the gear together it’s only $300.

him: WTF??? What is it Iron Man Gear?

me: Yes. Yes it is.

him: well I guess it’s a good deal then.



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