Russian Beer Opener

Russian Beer Opener

To be fair, I don’t know for sure if this IS from Russia. I can’t find any indicators that it is. I can’t even hear what the girl says to see if it sounds like Russian.

BUT this is what I think of when I think of Russia. I mean, this is the Russia I got to see. (NOT St. Basil’s cathedral, Red Square, or the momuments, parks, museums, and bridges of St. Petersburg.)

Please click on this link – best 39 seconds you will have in a long time (unless you are a man, of course).

Let me break it down a bit for you.

1. First we have this pretty young gal (who knows, she could be 40 – they all look alike) who is in her sparkly hoodie, tight velour track pants, and has her makeup done even though they are obviously doing nothing this day.

2. Then there is the old man – 1980’s sweater over a 1970’s button down – not buttoned, track pants (a staple), and wierd socks under strange slippery type shoes.

3. In the back ground we have several interesting items of note. First is the lovely scenery surrounding the area. Second is the stack of corrugated tin roof metal. Third is the collections of wood/plastic/large jars/large rocks/rusty tools/wires, and more. Fourth is the 3 sheds of differing make and model – presumably to tinker in, possibly keep pigs or chickens, possibly keep screaming children – who knows? As a matter of fact, I think I see a coop of some sort behind the one with the red roof. Maybe that’s actually the house…???

4. Irresponsible use of power tools. This is rampant in Russia. Not only do they think they have to fix everything themselves, whether they know how or not, but they also do it using the most dangerous and irresponsible method. We don’t own a large ladder, so when my husband wants to get something done up high, he stacks several sized tables together and climbs the tower. This shit really happens. (as a side note – fires are also done irresponsibly – as big and crazy as possible, with someone squirting lighter fluid onto it WHILE it’s blazing)

5. NO safety equipment whatsoever – not even a pair of sunglasses. Recently we were at my parent’s house for a week. My brothers were asked to cut up some old fence posts that had been taken down for fire wood. My husband was very excited to use the chain saw and said he “didn’t need safety goggles and gloves” – luckily my brother is a “safety first” guy and insisted. Ah. The russians.


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