Well, it’s not a dog….

We have been needing to buy my son a trampoline for a while now. Now I know, most people don’t think they NEED to buy a child a trampoline, so you may be thinking to yourself “what is up with THIS lady?” or worse. But honestly, it helps his sensory processing disorder a lot – it is really good for him.

Some of you may remember the terrible/wonderful day we had when my son was crying about needing a dog.

A trampoline may not be a dog, but let me tell you, it’s pretty frakin cool.

His father saw a trampoline for a decent price at Sam’s Club, so yesterday we went to get one. Son was so excited – running around the store asking everyone he could see to help us lift it (it was a “team lift” box and you really did need a team – my husband tried… Yep I said it – my husband tried.) When we got it home he was all excited to help put it together.

I am the official instructions reader in our house, because honestly, half of the instructions are written in like Korean and then improperly translated, and then my husband who is not a native English reader just can’t understand them. Plus he thinks you can just put it together – with no instructions. Every time.

SO, I am sitting there telling my husband what to do who is half telling his father what to do (so we have to go back and fix a few things) and my son is trying to help – and doing an ok job at it really. When we get to the putting the actual trampoline mat part on I have to lecture my husband to stay opposite his father for all 96 springs – yes, 96. There is a very specific way you are supposed to put the mat on – 4 opposite “corners” first, then evenly in between those, then evenly in between those until you are down to only 2 in a space without springs – and you are supposed to do it opposite sides every time so you don’t mess up the tension in the mat. My FIL (no matter how many times my husband told him) wouldn’t stay opposite – so I am like “tell him to stay opposite – tell him to stay opposite” and my husband is rolling his eyes at both of us….

Anyway, we got everything but the safety net on by like 9:30 last night, so I let the son (and the husband) try it. He loved it and I’m sure it will get a lot of use this summer. I am a little worried about the sprinklers, and about the fact that it is really too big for our yard. But it will all be worth it when I can say “you have way too much energy – go out and bounce.”

PS, husbands, if your wife tells you a 12 ft trampoline would really fit your yard better than a 15 ft one, listen to her. Or be prepared to loose your favorite part of the yard because it is the most level part. SMH.


7 thoughts on “Well, it’s not a dog….

  1. Congratulations on your new trampoline! I’m sure your son is so excited! We hope your family enjoys it and that your kiddo can bounce to his heart’s content. Happy summer! – Ramona from Sam’s Club

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