I took first aid.

I took first aid. I took several installments, in fact. When I was 12 years old I began going to the “young women’s” group of our church. During the summer we would go to “girl’s camp” for a week. We learned how to make fires, how to cook camp food, how to pitch a tent, how to do basic first aid. I went for 4 years, so I know how to stop bleeding. Plus I watch a lot of crime and doctor type dramas. That makes me somewhat of an expert in it’s self. 

You know how sometimes in your life you feel like an artery of your life has been cut? Like every ounce of energy is being sucked out of you by the stresses in your life? Like your basic life force is actually spurting out of you?

Do you know what the basic first aid for a cut artery is? 

Let me give you a hint: it does not involve a band aid.

This is what I feel like right now. 

As if I am trying to stop the flow of blood from an artery. With a band aid.


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