Down South

I want to live down south. Florida, Georgia… I want to move there. I have always wanted to move to Florida – since I was about 10 and we went there for a vacation. I loved the ocean. I loved the hospitality. When I got older I loved the food. I have been to various parts of Florida and to Savannah, GA as an adult. Let me just say, the south is beautiful. It is beautiful to the eyes and the heart.

I loved the way people said “hey, y’all!” “Hiya suga!” every where we went. I loved the shops and the shop keepers who would visit with us. I loved the people on the street and the moss in the trees and the Magnolia trees. I loved the accents and the sunsets and the food. OH the food. I loved the culture – the little girls in big dresses, the dancing, the music that seemed to be everywhere. I loved the warmth in the winter (though after my thyroid has been taken out, I don’t know if I can handle the heat in the summer…) I loved the humidity and the parks and the beaches. I loved the loveliness of it all – the yes ma’ams and the no sirs and the politeness. And the willingness to talk to people.

Do I think we will move there? No. Probably not. My family is up north here – and my husband has a large family/friend base in the city where we live. And honestly, we like it here too. But every once in a while I get a hankering for rocking chairs on front porches, and mint juleps, and cornbread, and big hats, and women saying “heya suga!” Truly, I do.


**(oh yeah – and the gardening – the flowers and the vegetables, etc – I would LOVE that gardening season)**


2 thoughts on “Down South

  1. You always have a home to visit within 30 minutes of sitting on a beach, and right now, a private one at that. Love you. All of you but the in-laws, no, if you must, bring them. You can stay with me and they can stay at the shack, but I may lose my caretaker. 🙂 Love you so much and hope you are having a GOOD DAY.

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