Have you ever known anyone who was really really full of advice. Whether you wanted it or not?

Welcome to my world.

I can’t figure out if it’s a Russian thing, or if it’s an Armenian thing, but the people in my husband’s social circle are constantly handing out advice I didn’t ask for.

It was really bad when my son was a baby. I couldn’t take it – they were constantly telling me to keep him warmer, what to feed him, what to do with his skin or hair or teeth, what to do at bedtime, what to do at lunch time, on and on.  Since their parenting “styles” are very different then mine it felt almost pushy or offensive. I learned to just smile and nod and not think about it later unless they had a good idea I wanted to try. 

Now they don’t give me as much child advice – except my mother in law – now they give me random advice I don’t need.

For example: yesterday a friend of my husband’s came over. My husband and his friend had taken our boys swimming. When they were done they came over for lunch and to jump on the trampoline. *Apparently* my husband and his friend had been talking about buying houses. We are hoping and planning to buy a house next spring when our lease is up. Our friend starts telling me all about how we need to buy now and not next spring because of the market. Seriously – on and on. I know he means well and just wants to “help.” Even after I said that we can’t afford it yet and are saving for the down payment, he still kept telling me we need to buy now. 

I have found that this is how they all are. My husband says they just want to help and I should just ignore what I don’t want and use what I do. I agree. For the most part. I just don’t understand WHY they feel this overwhelming need to share their advice with me when I don’t ask for it. Again, my husband says they think they are helping.

Yesterday I asked my husband why he isn’t like that – he never gives advice unless someone asks for it. Even then he rarely does. He said “I just don’t care that much.” LOL – well… I guess that’s a good thing for me anyway.


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