We have a refrigerator in our garage. It was used and someone was getting a new one, so we took it and put it in the garage. It is a nice sized side by side and we mostly use it for storage. Actually, we mostly use it as a freezer, because a year or so ago the fridge side started icing over vegetables, etc. So now it just holds big jars of pickled cabbage, beer, condiments, cakes etc.

Last week ‘ol Bessy died. It kept tripping the circuit and loosing it’s electricity. We tried other outlets and an extension cord. I guess it was just her time to go.

For the last few days the garage has really been stinky. I mean, really. I made my husband look for a dead mouse. I have had the fridge doors open, so I knew it wasn’t that. I made my husband sniff everywhere – and we couldn’t figure it out. This morning it was too much, so I decided to take the pile of ice packs we left in there out and have them take the fridge outside of the garage – maybe hose it out or something.

In the MIDDLE of about 7 ice-packs I found a 4 pack of seasoned pork chops. Which had been sitting IN the non working, open freezer for a week. In 103 degree temps. In a garage. Apparently the ice packs kept it cold for a while because the smell didn’t start right away. I will not disgust you by describing the condition of the pork chops to you. I will simply say “EWWWWWW!”


Yes. This is my glamorous life.



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