Angry days.

We all have them. I used to have them a lot – days where I was so angry I wanted to smash things – sometimes I did. I used to have days where in the still of the night when I couldn’t sleep I imagined fist fights and breaking big things. I don’t have the physical strength for that anymore and honestly, I think I have changed some – softened maybe.

I still have those days once in a while. Days where I pick fights with my husband about nothing. Where I growl at my son over things I don’t normally. Where I stomp around throwing people dirty looks and lecture people via social media. (I know, right?)

Last night I spent the night at a sleep lab. I had a sleep study done. I didn’t sleep much – I did take a nap late this morning – but I woke up in the same mean angry mood.

My head feels like a Pink video mated with a Joan Jett song. 

It makes me want to hurt things. It makes me want to start a fight. 

I am going to do something with myself so that I can get out of this head-space before my family comes home. Everyone suffers when mama feels like this.


2 thoughts on “Angry days.

  1. Oh wow – I could have wrote this and my hubby and oldest daughter would have concurred. I hate, hate, hate days like these. Days when you are in a wretched, angry place and you know it and even when you really want to get out of it – it’s a lot of work. A lot. Sometimes I have the strength to fight my way out and other days, I just barricade myself in my room and wait it out. I hope you find a way to break through today – I’ll be thinking about you!

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