working late

Texts between me and my husband:

Me: ??? (he’s really really late coming home from work)

Him: working

Me: Are you at the mirage? (russian night club/restaurant here in town)

Him: no

Me: Are you sure?

Him: I’m trying to work

Me: It looks like there is a party there, are you sure? (our friend posted pics on facebook from the club)

Him: NO I sold a car.

Me: Oh, well, ok, good job.


Next morning while he is trying to sleep discussion:

Me: So, you didn’t go to the club last night?

Him: Grunt

Me: Cause it looks like there was a party or something.

Him: I sold a car.

Me: When did you get home? I didn’t even wake up.

Him: After midnight.

Me: What took so long?

Him: sigh

Me: I mean, did they come in at closing or were you working with them all night or what?

Him: kicking off covers to get up and get ready because if he has to be awake he might as well be productive: They came in late.

Me: hmmmmm

Him: sigh


I need to point out – I don’t actually distrust my husband. I just like to make sure he is doing what he says he is doing. I don’t go drive by his work at 11 at night to make sure he’s there. But I do give him the second degree if I haven’t heard from him. I trust him and I should – because he isn’t a liar and he always tells me if he goes out with friends and he has never really given me a reason to doubt him. Except that once….. 


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