Royal Gorge Bridge Park

My MIL has wanted to go to Royal Gorge Bridge park since last year when a friend told her about it. I have kind of been putting it off because it’s a good 3 hour drive, but we finally went yesterday. I wish we could have left earlier and stayed longer because it rained and we missed a good chunk of the park part on the other side of the bridge, as well as the little train that is part of the park.

For those who have no idea, Royal Gorge is a canyon on the Arkansas River near Canon, Colorado. It is 1,250 feet deep at it’s deepest, 10 miles long and 50 feet wide at the bottom. It has crossing it a suspension bridge that is truly amazing – and kind of frightening. Especially when cars come by you, shaking the whole bridge.

We had a great time there. We rode a carousel, we crossed the bridge, enjoyed a magic show (which my son truly enjoyed and after purchased a magic kit in the gift shop to do his own magic.) We looked out over the canyon and headed toward the bungee swing (which my son wanted to go on but his dad didn’t – plus it was really expensive) and the animal area. Apparently there was a petting zoo, but about this time the rain started to pelt us. My husband and I were fine walking in the rain. My FIL and MIL didn’t like it and my son hated it. We did look at some buffalo including a white buffalo and her calf – which are supposed to be special, some elk, some mules, donkeys, and horses. We found some shelter under a picnic overhang, and then the bus came by. My son wanted to ride back so we did. We missed the mountain man town which I was really looking forward to. We drove through it and looked. Also, going across the bridge in the bus was much better for my MIL than walking in the rain and wind since she was particularly scared going across it. When vehicles came by us on the way over it really shook and she had to stop and close her eyes and hold the side.  My sensory son loved it – he looked down from the bridge, squatted down and looked between the wooden slats to watch rafters go under, and even liked the wind blowing in his face.

When we got back to the beginning of the park I wasn’t ready to go yet. We had paid a pretty good size admission fee for 5 people and I wanted to get some of our money’s worth. The rides were all closed due to rain (three cool rides) and even the tram, which my son really wanted to go on. We had lunch in the gift shop after looking around and tried to wait out the rain, they opened the tram and the rest of the family went across it and back. I didn’t want to. I hate those things. My son loved it though.

All in all we had a great day. I wish we could have gotten there earlier and enjoyed more of the park since it is so expensive and I wish we hadn’t had lunch there – none of us liked our meals.* Other than that we had a smashing good time and we were all glad we went.

On the way home we decided to hit the Denver City Fireworks display which they do on the 3rd instead of the 4th and includes a Colorado Symphony Orchestra performance. It was great, and I’m glad my MIL and son got to see them. They were both excited about it.

*Normally I don’t do bad reviews on here. But I went on their facebook page and gave a nice review of the park, then suggested they change their menu and they took down my post. So, now I’m all fired up and will be posting here. They advertised at this little gift shop grill that they had elk and bison burgers. My in-laws and husband decided to try them. I have had both elk and bison burgers before. In real restaurants. That cater to these types of wild game meats. The elk and bison at royal gorge tasted EXACTLY alike – like freezer burned over grilled hamburgers. Bison burgers are supposed to be thick, juicy, fresh, and taste like bison. Not like a hockey puck. I was not only dissapointed that they even had the nerve to serve this, but also suspicious they just used hamburger instead of bison and elk. It may have been the cook – they were staffed with mostly teenagers who were busy flirting and getting our order wrong…. But either way, not worth what we paid for it.


2 thoughts on “Royal Gorge Bridge Park

    • Come on out! The bridge wasn’t bad really – it was sturdy and the rails were high – I walked in the middle except when a vehicle came by. The rest of the stuff – even looking over a rail too close to the edge of the canyon – that’s what got me.

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