Sleep Study part 2

I went back to do the second half of my sleep study (finally) last night. It was last minute so we could get it done before I go out of town and I had to go to another location.

Lesson 1. Always request the location in the rich part of town – even if it’s all the way across town. SO much nicer.

Lesson 2. Sleeping with something on your face blowing air into your nostrils all night is uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I had a massive panic attack in the middle of the night and had to take it off, do deep breathing and try to meditate to get through it.

Lesson 3. If you feel badly enough you are willing to do almost anything to feel better. Even to try to get used to something that gave you a massive panic attack. (my doc assures me this will help me feel better as I stop breathing 15 times an hour on average and my pulse oximetry (oxygen level in the blood) drops below 70 – it’s supposed to be above 90)

Lesson 4. Retired army guys from Georgia – not the most sympathetic people during an anxiety attack in the middle of the night. (saying “you really are breathing” does NOT help someone who feels like they are suffocating)


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