Self Storage

Do I LOOK like a storage unit? Apparently.

My husband’s uncle (which isn’t really his uncle – more like a grandma’s cousin’s brother or something) left several large items in our basement promising to be back in 6 months. We have his washer/dryer, his bed, his kitchen table, etc. They normally spend 6 months in Russia and 6 months here. This year they didn’t come back after the six months because they both had good jobs there, so we still have their stuff – it’s been a year.

My husband’s best friend and cousin (who is really not a first cousin either but I don’t really remember the relation) is moving this month. His house sold earlier than he thought it would and the apartment they are moving to isn’t ready, so my garage is full of his stuff. I mean packed full. My car is very hot in the summer if it’s not garaged. Just saying.

The above cousin also had the above uncle’s car at his house – with some stuff in it (blankets and such). Now said car is parked out in front of my house – actually in front of the neighbor’s house because we already have too many people parked at our house. It has expired tags so I’m sure we will get some tickets. 

My brother is moving to California. Right now we also have his car at our house because we are trying to help him sell it. He will also need to store some stuff here for a short period of time while he moves. 

I really don’t mind any of it that much – I mean, yes it’s a hassle sometimes – I want to make our basement a more “useable space” but I have to figure out what to do with all the crap down there first. Also, I don’t like parking my car outside. Especially in the heat. But really, it’s not that big of a deal.

I have to wonder, though, if we should start opening up self storage places in Russia. They obviously haven’t ever heard of them, so we might make a killing….


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