Time for a Russian post.

Today the boy (5.34 years) had skateboarding camp. In which he will learn to skateboard. He can push it and get up on it, but that is all. He, of course, thinks he will start at the “obstacle course”. He goes over to the highest point on a giant slope on a giant hill on the skateboarding park and I have to physically stop him from going over the edge. He DID get to practice turning and going through a very small bowl, which was harder than he thought it would be. 

So, the dude who was doing the skateboarding camp has a skateboard store and he tells me we need new bushings. That the bushings on our skateboard are too hard. Which I could see by the way the skateboard leaned to turn – which was NOT AT ALL. (of course I didn’t know they were CALLED the bushings – I just thought it was too tight.) So I go to the skaterdude’s store and get the $15 bushings which were the best ones – and probably too much for a 5 year old. But whatev. He can turn now.

As he is working we get into a brief discussion about different types of parents. He has seen it all. Parents that want to bubble wrap their kids to go to the skatepark. Parents that want their kids to be what they wanted to be, so they sign them up. Parents like me who ask what the kid wants and tries to encourage him. 

Then he says “The Russian parents are the craziest though.” (we have a large Russian community here, but he doesn’t know I’m married to a Russian.) I said, “Oh really?” He goes on to tell me about a Russian dad from last week. The boy who wasn’t much older than my boy fell and hurt himself. Skaterdude says it was a good fall and he was kind of worried the kid might be hurt – he was crying and stuff. The Russian dad says “Is there blood? Well, what is problem? Get back up.”

My husband is much like this. He doesn’t understand kids crying over little owies, he doesn’t understand why the kids in Karate are punching a heavy bag and not each other… (it must not be real Karate…) We have had a lot of conversations about kids who cry too much. If the boy gets hurt around my husband it’s usually “get up, you’re ok.” When he had a broken bone in his foot for 2 weeks (the doc thought he was ok, but the pain never went away and when we xrayed it you could barely see a tiny fracture) my husband just kept telling him to stop crying.

But THIS – this basically wraps up the whole concept perfectly. I have had very similar conversations with my husband about this. And my MIL thinks my 5 year old should be doing pull ups because he is too weak. She wants us to put up his own pull up bar. (the karate teacher says he’s solid and strong, by the way) 

Anyway: meet Stephanie – she married a Russian too. She depicts it perfectly.



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