On Kindness

I write about a lot of things here. I write about my family, my son, my in-laws, crazy russian traditions, my husband, my life. I write about my beliefs, my political views, my hopes and dreams for the future of our society as a whole. I write about things that may be controversial or alienating.

You know what I really care about? 

Stories like this:


This story is about 9 “little old ladies” who scraped and sacrificed for 30 years to give to others. In secret. Their husbands didn’t even know. They gave people money for utility bills and such. They also gave them super nummy pound cakes and care packages with food and other necessities in them. 

THIS, This is what makes humanity lovely. 


I truly believe that deep inside all of us is the need to do things like this. 

I truly believe that what all of us really wants is to be kind, to give, to help others, to make a difference in the lives of other people.

I truly believe that no matter what our other differences – our religions, our politics, our neighborhoods, our colors, our sex, our home lives, our outward appearances – no matter those differences, this is what we all truly have in our hearts. 

If we could only tap into that more, make more of a difference in our own homes or towns or neighborhoods….

I truly believe that kindness changes lives. 

Be kind today.


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