Burned Toast

My FIL toasts everything. I mean everything. He toasts crumbly rye bread, thick rolls, tortillas. Yes. Tortillas – he folds them into quarters and toasts them. So now we have a lot of burned stuff in the bottom of our toaster every day and it stinks bad. No matter how many times I open it and clean it and shake it over the sink, it stinks when someone puts something in the toaster.

I talked to my husband about getting a toaster oven just for him. Because it is driving me INSANE. I mean, really, burned toast smell would be a terrific torture technique. 

Text conversation between my husband and I tonight:

Me: “Can you stop and get a toaster oven on the way home? This burned toast smell is totally driving me insane.”

Hubby: “??? you want me to stop and get a toaster oven? At 10 at night?”

Me: “could you? I just hate this smell.”

Hubby: “Can’t you get it tomorrow?”

Me: “But then I have to smell it in the morning too.”

Hubby: …….

Look, torture should be avoided at all costs people. Don’t judge me.


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