Love Wins

Huh. I have the need to write today I guess. This week really.

There is this blog that I read. It’s called “Momastery”. No, not mom mastery. Momastery – like a monastery. With moms.

Anyway, this Glennon that writes the blog, she has some great great great advice. I suggest you read her if you don’t already. She also has some great sayings that somehow seep into your head and become little mantras to get you through your days, or that pop up when you are in conversation with others.

One of those sayings is Love Wins.

Love wins.

It’s simple. Seems like it’s too simple. But honestly, it’s not.

This week we have had some attacks on several US embassies. We have had unrest in our country – or more specifically in other countries, but surrounding our citizens and officials. In these cases, in these instances, I can’t help but think that some love could help. Could help heal, could have help prevented. If we all saw each other as human beings, capable of and worthy of love, if all people could look inside themselves and find love for each other these things wouldn’t happen. If we realized that no matter what religion, what country, what family, what political affiliation, what sexuality, what color, what culture we all are or come from – if we realized that no matter what all that other stuff is we are really the same. The same inside. We want love and we want to love. If we stopped to realize that, then I believe there would be no wars.

I have a friend who mentioned a family member made insensitive and harmful remarks toward her baby because she is biracial and because her father isn’t in the picture. I can’t help but think that stopping, putting some love in her heart, thinking of what that baby means to the family and how wonderful she is could have helped avoid this very situation.

Love wins.

When I am frustrated with my son. When he isn’t listening, when he is fussy or cranky or not doing what I have asked. When I am just exhausted and I want my own time… Love wins. If I look in his eyes or hold his hand or really listen to his sweet little boy voice, I realize he is still so little. He still just wants my love. He still needs my love. If I stop and think about this and think about how much I love him, I am so much kinder. So much more tolerant. So much better of a mom.

Love wins.

When we put some love in our hearts, stop, slow down, and let that love be the driving force, suddenly we are no longer mean and brusque with our fellow people.

I was in the store the other day. There was only one lane open since it was 9 am. I was picking up a few things and then wanted to get home and rest a bit before going to pick my son up from school. I was behind a woman who was doing her entire month’s worth of grocery shopping (or possibly shopping for a small school). I was not in a hurry, so I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I was NOT IN A HURRY. Then at the end she handed the checker LITERALLY about a hundred coupons. The checker sighed a big sigh, and then both of them turned to look at me. Because I had already taken a deep breath, reminded myself that love and kindness and decency to our fellow man (woman) is more important than me getting my starbucks and sitting on my couch, I was able to smile at them both, and act as if I had no idea what they were staring at me for. Surely they both expected me to sigh, shift my weight, roll my eyes, look to the person behind me with a knowing grimace, and in general act like an ass. And I have before in this exact same situation. But this time I didn’t. Because love wins. And you know what? The two people who came behind me did the same thing. No one sighed or grimaced or winced. I bet everyone in that line that day had a better day because I did NOT start the chain reaction.

Love wins.

Even in the little things. Even in the little ways. And all those little things added up makes big things.

You know what the funny thing about love is? When you give it, it doesn’t get smaller, it gets bigger. I give someone love, I still have more love. And that person has more love, and then they pass it on.

Love wins, my friends.

It does.

Try it today.


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