Running Away

I have this fantasy in my head. 

It’s been there for a good 29 years or so. 

It’s the place my mind wanders to in order to escape something hard.

I dream of having a cabin in the woods. With no neighbors, no people around at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t tell anyone where it was. If family wanted to visit I’d meet them at the bottom of the mountain and bring them up all black hood, blindfold and earplugs style. Then take them back when the visit was over. I dream of living there with my husband and son. (in other years it might have been a friend, a family member, or by myself) I would home school him, we would have a garden, my husband wouldn’t have to work. We would stock pile supplies for when we get snowed in, take walks in the woods, watch deer come in the morning to eat our flowers, and listen to the birds sing to us. My son would be dirty All. The. Time. 

No drop in visits from friends or family. No room for people to stay forever. Just us, in a little cabin in the woods. 

This is how I run away nowadays.  


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