Victoria’s Secret

Yesterday my FIL asked me if there was a Victoria’s Secret store at the mall near us. I almost choked. 

Apparently his sister is wanting to sell the makeup, lotion, etc from Victoria’s Secret in Russia. It is a big thing over there right now. 

I told him that we did, indeed, have a Victoria’s Secret store at the mall near us. But I didn’t know how to warn him about what most of Victoria’s Secret really is….

He is a very proper, private, modest person and I can’t imagine him walking into a store with all those thongs and lace lingerie and stuff.

This morning my husband was getting ready for work. His mother and father asked if I needed the car so they could go to the mall.

I told my husband, “your dad wants to go to Victoria’s Secret.” He almost choked. He literally did a double take and said “who said that?” Like there is no way it could be true.

I said “Your dad said it. Apparently your aunt wants to see how much the makeup and lotions and stuff are. You better warn him before he goes what the store really stocks.”

He starts laughing so hard he can’t breathe and walks out of the room to ask his dad what is going on.


I guess we will see if his quest for makeup is successful. LOL

Well, it was MY laugh for the day anyway.


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