Birthday Party

My son’s birthday is coming up next month.

For his 3rd birthday which was a month after a major surgery we did Chuck e Cheese. I couldn’t handle much more. For his 4th birthday we did a jump place – with the big blow up bouncy houses. Also for the reason that it is much easier on me, you can accommodate a large number of people, and my son can have fun. For his 5th birthday he wanted one at home. It was more work, but it cost less and it was nice to be able to do games and have a pinata and such – when you do it at the pre-planned places they dictate what you can and can’t do for the most part. 

We also had to do a Russian party – which consists of serving a huge amount of Russian food and vodka and sitting around talking to adults all night while the kids destroy my upstairs and basement until seriously after midnight. I am trying to convince my husband it was too much work for his mom and too tiring for me and that we don’t need two parties. We will see how that goes. If we do have a Russian party this time, it will be the week AFTER his birthday so I don’t get so exhausted. 

This year I couldn’t decide what to do. I haven’t been at my best, so I don’t want to over do it. But I also don’t really want to pay so much and have kids running around screaming and tons of noise like at the cheese.

I suggested a few things we could do and let him choose. He had a hard time choosing, but he finally decided to do an at home birthday party with ninjas as the theme.

After only an hour or so of pinterest, I found there were plenty of fun ideas and that we could do at home. I started to plan.

THEN my son backtracked. He said he absolutely wanted to do bowling. He had to do bowling. The more I suggested ninjas (because by now I am excited about ninjas) the more he demanded bowling.

Today I booked a bowling party. With lazer tag and arcade games. Woo hoo.

I am still bringing some ninja decorations and party favors. All that pinteresting will not go to waste I tell you.


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