Russians love their perfume and cologne. If you go to a Russian get together you are sure to walk away smelling like several different types. I don’t even bother to wear it because they all mix together so nicely on my clothes. Plus they often give me a migraine.

So. My husband’s aunt sells perfume in Russia. She’s been doing it for years and it’s a good little side business for her. She had asked us to look for places to buy perfumes on sale to send to her. I kind of let it slide. A few weeks ago she asked my FIL (her brother) to look for Victoria’s Secret cosmetics. She had a specific request that we couldn’t find.

This week my FIL brought me the name of a brand she wanted. But not just any of their perfumes. A special perfume. I looked it up online. The designer only has one store in the US – in Beverly Hills. We don’t live near there. At all. But she does sell some of her product through places like Neiman Marcus. Apparently FIL had already gone looking there in person. I looked and looked on the internet. She didn’t have the perfume listed anywhere anymore. She had a few other scents listed, but not this signature scent “which comes in a special box.” Maybe she still makes it for overseas purchase. I don’t know. 

Two days later my husband says “Do you know Judith Leiber?” 

I say “I already looked for that crap. You can’t buy it in the US anymore.” 

He says, “My dad asked me to look for it. My aunt wants it.” 

I say, “I know. I already looked for that crap. You can’t buy it in the US anymore even on ebay.”

He tells his dad you can’t buy it in the US anymore. Even on ebay.

Today, 6 days later, my FIL interrupts my very important pinteresting and asks me how to find Judith Leiber’s whole collection. I go to her website, click on accessories, click on fragrance, and show him – she doesn’t offer it anymore. We have shown him several times now.

I swear to you, if one more person asks me to find Judith Leiber’s signature scent which apparently doesn’t exist anymore, I will go insane. 


PS, just for you English as a second language people: ebay is pronounced EEE bay. Emphasis on EEE.  Not e as in elephant BAY. Emphasis on bay. Skype is pronounced skyp. Not skypeeeee. is pronounced A ma zon, a as in apple, dot – o as in ostrich, com o as in ostrich  NOT am A zone – a as in account, zone as in end zone, dot – o as in ozone, com – o as in coma. If you understood that, congrats.


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