Sing for us, Donnie Wahlberg!


I never really was into NKOTB like some of my friends. In high school I had a friend who was simply GA GA over them. I thought they were cute, and I listened if they were on, but I was into more …. eclectic music. 

I do, however, love Donnie Wahlberg. (Ok, I like Mark too – but mostly for his yummy yummy body – I like Donnie for his brains.) I feel like I should be standing up and saying “my name is Ashley – I have a problem.” 

Two days ago I was on hold with a doctors office and much to my surprise this song came on:
(That’s “The Right Stuff” If you aren’t in the mood to watch the NKOTB dance and sing.) PS, Donnie, loving the hair.

I also happened to watch “Blue Bloods” on my DVR that day. Which got me thinking. I would LOVE to see Donnie sing in one of his shows/movies. I think it would be such a fun touch.

Donnie, seriously dude, sing for us.


(PS – in looking at NKOTB videos, I realized that they apparently did a tour in the past couple years. So, apparently he is still singing. Which I think is awesome. – now, give us a little taste in your shows.)

PPS, I have a cousin who grew up with the Wahlbergs. Cool.


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