Those goofy Russians!

We have a few people from the Russian community who live near us. We often see them out at the store, walking, coming home from work. Yesterday, (sunday Nov 4) my husband was coming home from dropping his mother off at work. He saw one of said neighbors walking home. She rushed at him waving her arms and wanting him to stop. Now this particular lady is a little prone to dramatics. She is in her 50’s and dresses in very fancy clothes with very high heels all the time. So the idea of her rushing at his car waving her arms and calling to him makes me laugh.

She says “Today is the voting day, right?” (she received her citizenship the last year or so)

He says “no, it’s Tuesday.”

She says “where do I register?”

He says “you can’t – you had to register by the beginning of last month.”

She looking panicked – “WHAT? Will they arrest me if I don’t vote????”

True story. 

Just a little perspective.


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