Life is Beautiful

I heard a song today – one line just floored me:
“Life is beautiful, but it’s complicated. We barely make it.”   (Life is Beautiful by Vega 4)


Sometimes I feel like I am barely making it. Or like I will barely make it. I mean – really, some times it’s so so hard. It’s so so hurty and brutal and draining.

I know, I know, it’s all about perception. I know that. I know if I find a different way to see it that all that hurty and brutal and draining stuff can actually seem good. Or at least useful and meaningful.

But sometimes – sometimes I just want to feel like I am barely making it and spend a day or two in bed with a good book and some movies and some junk food and myself. Crazy thing about that. Once you are a mom, you don’t get to do that anymore. I know – shocker, huh?

Where was I going with this?

I don’t even know. I guess my point is this:

Life is beautiful. But it’s complicated. We barely make it.

Dissect that a minute and what you get is what life is really all about. It IS beautiful. Truly truly full of beauty and wonderful amazing things. Full of light and color and rainbows and flowers and butterflies and streams and all that jazz. BUT – and here is where it gets complicated – it’s also pretty full of dangers and pain and sadness. I guess we just try to make sure the beauty and joy and the wonder outweighs the rest of it. Part of that is by providing those things to others. Helping other beautiful complicated humans get through it all. And that’s how we make it. Even if it’s just barely.


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