“Like” if you ….

There is an interesting meme that goes around facebook and has yet to die. Most of them die within weeks. Thank goodness. This one comes in quite a few forms and seems to be immortal. 

I just want to clear a few things up so people don’t think I am a total jerk:

I love my mom (even if she is in heaven – as they all say) even if I don’t “share” a picture that says I do.

I love my son and he is “the light of my life”, my “true love” or “loved with all my heart” although I might not “like” the photo stating that fact. 

I have yet to click “share” on one of those posts that says “If your husband is the best thing that ever happened to you…. yadda yadda yadda” but I love my husband and he is pretty awesome.

I think all of the cancer kids with no hair are beautiful. I may not share every picture. However, I do think they are beautiful.

I love my brothers. Even if it’s not brother’s week, and even if you have “brother’s week” wrong, and even if I choose not to post a 200 word statement saying how they are my best friends, blah blah blah.

I hate cancer. Solidly against cancer. I just can’t copy and repost every single I hate cancer statement that comes across my wall. I’d be hating cancer all day. (not that I don’t)

I support special education week, autism awareness, prostate cancer awareness, childhood cancer awareness, and all the other awareness’s. Solidly for awareness here. 

I am not really a religious person, in the traditional sense of the word, but I would think that jesus or god would know I love them even if I didn’t post every picture that comes by stating that.

Every single month that has 5 Sundays, 5 Wednesdays, 5 weeks and whatever else people can find five of can’t happen every 1 thousand years. Because I see it every month. Or most months. I don’t really think it’s called “money bags” and I doubt it’s lucky to post something about it on facebook.

Last but not least, the most recent picture I have seen: A run down shack that is completely engulfed in fire. Trust me my son, husband, brothers, nephews, nieces, sisters, and Dad, I would run into that blazing inferno to save you, even if I didn’t repost it.




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