The American Medical Community

In 1999 I went into my doctors with sharp twinging pain in my right side. I continued to go back in for almost a year. They did all kinds of tests – ultrasounds, blood, CT scans. They could never find anything. In the mean time I got sicker and sicker and I felt worse and worse. I had more pain and more often. I had fevers and threw up a lot. No one could figure me out. Finally I was in so much pain I just couldn’t walk, I had a fever of 103. I called a friend to take me to the ER and the whole ride there was hell. Every bump she went over made me feel like I would die because it made the pain worse. We got to the ER and in half an hour they knew it was my gall bladder and it was coming out the next morning. By the time I went into surgery my temp was 105 and I was delirious. It turned out to be gangrenous and I had an abscess because of it. I went home and came back 2 days later. I spent 28 days in the hospital trying to get rid of the abscess in my belly. 

Starting around 2003 I began to have different symptoms that couldn’t be easily explained. They all connected back to a low immune system though. For 3 years I went to my doctors complaining about these different symptoms. No one put it all together. They DID test me for thyroid function because many of the symptoms pointed to thyroid. But it was fairly normal. I got pregnant in 2006 and by about 5 months had a HUGE lump on the side of my neck. I talked to 3 different doctors 7 different times about it. None of them worried about it. Finally I got my allergist to listen. When he realized it had been there for 4 months (now about to have my baby) he decided to check it with an ultrasound. I had thyroid cancer. It had spread all the way down into my chest lymph nodes. I don’t know if we could have caught it earlier with an ultrasound or PET scan…. but I know it spread so far because we couldn’t figure out what was wrong for 3 years.

I honestly love a lot of doctors and nurses I have met over the years. I have become very close to them. I believe that most doctors are only in medicine to help others. To make a difference. They want to heal the sick. Please know, I am not bashing the entire medical community here, just talking about some problems I have had with it.

I have had doctors tell me my symptoms aren’t usual or that people my age don’t normally get “whatever” for most of my life. It has been frustrating to always be the weird case or the case doctors can’t figure out.

For the last 2 weeks I have been sick. I was diagnosed with a Kidney infection and was on 3 different antibiotics. They didn’t seem to be working. Yesterday I went to the ER expecting to be admitted for what my doctor thought was sepsis. I wasn’t. The blood and urine tests showed my infection was better. It hadn’t spread to my blood stream. So YAY! 

BUT…. why am I still in pain, having fevers and chills, and having several other symptoms? Again, my doctor doesn’t have any answers. One possibility has been brought up to me by a friend, one which none of the docs have mentioned yet. I am going to a urologist to try and get tested for that. Other than that, we are at a loss as to what is wrong. 

This brings up all sorts of panicky problems. It really does make me upset and frustrated when doctors tell me they don’t know what’s wrong, because of my history. The last time this happened it turned out I had metastatic cancer. I try not to panic, but it’s kind of hard not to….


One thought on “The American Medical Community

  1. There is no reassurance in this but I tell you the canadian medical system is no better. I think of you. I enjoy reading your blog and I hope whatever is going on is found out and looked after. Well wishes to you!

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