Valentine’s Day

My parents always made Valentine’s Day nice for us. They got us all little baskets of trinkets and candies and cards. Sometimes balloons or flowers. We would come to the breakfast table to find such fun things. 

I am glad they made valentine’s day more about love and family than themselves. 

I do remember my dad always getting my mom something nice too. 

My husband works a lot. We aren’t always that romantic, or even have much time together – we didn’t plan anything for our anniversary, we haven’t done a lot for any holiday lately. But we love each other and that’s what matters. Not cards and flowers and candy. We will go to dinner or a movie this weekend. 

So, I am glad I have my little Valentine to spoil. We were really sick this week, but on one of my stops at the pharmacy I picked up a few things for his “valentine’s basket” and some cards. One for him from us. And one from him for each of us. He was proud to give them to us and was excited this morning to find a few little treats. 

I was able to go to his party at school. It was fun to help out and fun to go through his valentines with him. He made me so proud thanking almost every single kid and even hugging some. Without any prompting from me.

At the end when the kids were sitting on the carpet and the teacher was talking to them, my boy made the whole room laugh several times. And several moms told me “he is just too much!” (they don’t know the half of it. LOL)

The teacher told the kids to say thanks to the moms and dads. He turned to find me and after all the other kids said a generic “thanks” in unison, he said “THANK YOU MAMA!!!!” With his way too loud for inside voice. That was one of the “room breaking out in laughter moments.”

We came home and looked through his bag some more, trying out little toys and eating some candy. We watched some movies this afternoon to rest (we are still trying to get our strength back from being sick). And we enjoyed each other’s company. 

I love that kid. With all my heart. 

Best. Valentine. Ever.


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