“Lightning Strike”

There is a song called “Lighting Strike” by Snow Patrol. Hits me hard. Today I was at the movie with my son and they played the trailer for the movie Epic – which has this song as it’s title song. Actually, it’s apparently 3 different songs put together into one 17 min song. But the one I am talking about is the one that begins with:

“What if the storm ends, and I don’t see you?”

That’s the part that truly hits me. 

The song goes on to describe the writer being with someone outside in a terrifying storm, it helps him to see the other person in a different way and he doesn’t want to loose that image of them.

As with all music, we often attach our own meaning to the song.

We all have terrifying storms in our lives. Some of them we come out of, some of them we don’t. And to me, that is what this is about.

If I do make it out of the next storm, will I find the ones I love there, or will they have been lost? Will I look up and see the people who mean the most to me, or will the storm sweep them away? And how do I move on from the storm itself and the loss it causes?

The music itself feels dramatic and storm like. The words cut right into me. I’ve been listening to them all day and it’s caused some great introspection.


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