Stuff my kid says

I decided I have two stories I just can’t keep to myself. My son makes me so amazed by some of the things he says, and the way he thinks through things. I swear, one day he will figure out some cool stuff – those gears are always turning.

Here are two awesome examples of my kid being himself:

This weekend we were going to the zoo with my cousin and her husband. Her husband, Greg was sitting in the back with The Boy and The Boy was chatting him up pretty seriously. We pulled up at a light next to an ambulance  On the side of the ambulance it said “Call 911 for assistance”. My son notices and starts talking about it. Greg tells him that 911 is who you call if someone needs help or there is a fire or accident (which we have talked about before I promise). My little dude sits back there and says “But what if you need all of them? What if you need a police and a fire truck and a ambulance?” We explained that when you call 911 you talk to a dispatcher who then helps decide what emergency help you need and sends all 3 to you if needed. He was so interested in how that all works, how the person on the phone gets a hold of all of them. I love that he was figuring it out in his head – like “do I have to call 3 times, do I call other numbers?”

The second was after we got parked near the zoo. It was busy and we had to walk over from City Park. We passed a bunch of trees on an island in a pond with big black birds in probably a good 4 dozen nests. The birds were as big as geese but skinnier. (my cousin told me what they are but I can’t remember the name) There were also a bunch of geese in the water and walking around the pond. My son says “well, those birds are doing their jobs. They are doing their jobs good.” I asked what their jobs were and he told me their jobs were sitting on the eggs in the nests. I couldn’t argue. They were doing their jobs.

We then went into the zoo and spent several hours there. On the way back he says to me “They are still doing their jobs. Working hard.” I was not on the same thought track as him and had forgotten all about the birds doing their jobs. I asked who is working hard? He exasperatedly tells me “the birds mom – those big black birds.” I am surprised at how long he had remembered that, but the back story he has thought up for the black birds doing their job is even more surprising. He says “I hope the geese don’t fire them.” I ask why the geese would fire them. He tells me the geese are their bosses and they have to do a good job or they will get fired. He tells me they are sitting on eggs for the geese because geese don’t like to lay their own eggs. When I tried to ask about the chicks being geese or the black birds when they came out he seemed totally frustrated that I didn’t know that they could have both kinds of birds in their eggs. He really went on for a while about how they need to do a good job with the eggs and the geese are always watching them, being the boss. It was a delightful tale and I had to write it all down.

The adults involved decided that geese do actually seem pretty bossy – what with their strutting around all day, bills up in the air, hissing at people going by and pooping right on the sidewalk.

My son’s mind amazes me and I am so happy he shares it with me.


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