Mother’s day wish:

Today started out bad. Last night.

I have been feeling poorly for a couple days and last night was kind of the absolute worst I have been in a while. Just cranky, depressed, not feeling well physically, exhausted, irritable, etc. 

This morning I got up and tried to make it a good day, but my son was also feeling cranky, clingy, angry, fussy…..

SO, it didn’t go all that well.

I put my “calm and patient” mom face on and tried my best to work through the problems all day.

I told him to put on a jacket, which he yelled and screamed at me about. So I told him “Ok, it’s your choice, but you are going to be cold.” We go to the store and he is so cold he won’t stop touching me, pulling up my shirt in front of everyone trying to warm his arms, putting his hands in my pockets (nearly pulling down my pants), whining and crying the whole time. And then, when I said “I told you to wear your jacket” he started screaming at me about it. Look, dude, I told you that you needed your jacket. You threw a fit, I said you would be cold. Where is the difficulty here?

Anyway, it never got better. Whining, crying, bellyaching, touching too much, screaming about everything, refusing to eat, standing outside the bathroom screaming my name until I open the door – only for him to show me a bruise he found on his knee.  Seriously. I give up. 

For mother’s day I want a hotel room with room service, preferably 2 days. No other people present. Tv, reading, laying in bed as much as I want – and nothing pulling, pushing, tugging, ripping my hair out or fussing at me. OH, and a bathroom to myself. 

Come on, universe, make this happen.


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