Therapy Shmerapy

My soon to be 7 year old son (as most of you probably already know) has sensory processing disorder. It’s kind of a difficult thing to deal with when children are younger and as they get older most people just learn to deal with it. Some people carry it over into adulthood, but not a lot of them. Or they don’t have such a difficult time filtering out things that stimulate them too much unless they have other disorders that also tend to have sensory processing problems, like autism. I think all of us probably have some sort of issues that we can relate to – for example, perfume often gives me a migraine. Or makes a migraine much worse. The first time I remember it happening was when my family went to a Rotary Show my father was performing in. I was in 5th grade and the lady in front of us had a very strong perfume on. It made me so sick that by the time we got home I was in tears. Some people hate noisy crowded places. Some people hate being touched a lot…. You get the idea.

We have been doing OT (occupational therapy) for it this summer and have seen some significant changes. Not all of the changes have been preferable to ME, but the OT has explained that sometimes things get worse before they get better. The boy hasn’t been able to properly process his surroundings – and basically everything we learn, we learn through our senses. So he is behind developmentally in quite a few areas. There have been a couple weeks where he wouldn’t stop touching everything he saw. There were some days where he was walking into me and in front of me, tripping me a lot. There were a LOT of days where it seems like he doesn’t know where his body is – very clumsy, flailing his arms, at karate the teacher told him to stand a certain way and he just kept turning the other way. I feel badly for him because he doesn’t know what the problem is – he can’t tell what he is doing.

The last two weeks he has been loud. REALLY loud. Talking loud, screaming a lot, making nonsensical noises, banging and clapping and blowing a whistle. The last four days he has been either singing or humming or pretend whistling (loud high pitched humming). NON STOP. Literally, I don’t think he has stopped for more than five minutes at a time in the last four days. And it’s driving me insane. I really have been trying to be good about letting him work through these things. Lovingly tell him he is too loud, and try not to get upset. It’s not his fault. It really isn’t. 

Honestly, if he was singing some lovely songs or having fun making up songs, that would be much more bearable. But he’s not. He’s singing the song to Super Mario Brothers in a hu hu hu    huHUhuhu format. Or pretend whistling it. Or humming it. For four days straight. 

I have tried to put on earphones with some music. That has helped. I have tried to turn up the music in the car. I have tried sending him out on our patio some. I have tried getting him to sing another song. Even putting on his favorites didn’t help. He kept humming Super Mario while he was listening to the other music. 

He starts school in 2 days. I hope he stops by then, I don’t know what the teacher will do if she has to tell him to be quiet every 2 minutes.

Tonight I have put in earplugs. I can’t take it anymore. I know this is a good sign. I know it means he is progressing. And I am happy. I just hope I live through Super Mario. 


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