School District Night at the Avalanche Game

Last night my family went to the Avalanche game. It was a night sponsored by our school district. Basically the local sports teams make tickets more affordable for families in the school district and the district gets some money out of it to benefit our schools. We get fliers about one every few months. I have had friends that have gone to Lacrosse, Soccer and Basketball. We haven’t attended one yet, because they haven’t been at a good time for us, but I decided to try it out. It was a great experience and I will be taking advantage of as many sports nights I can.

The deal: We purchased tickets at $22 a piece. There isn’t a limit on how many you can buy so we took one child, two parents, a grandparent and an uncle. The tickets aren’t assigned until later, but the venue promises it will be in the $41 to $123 seat range. You basically reserve a spot with your school and the schools with the most people buying get the best seats. If you don’t purchase by a certain date you will only get upper level seats – you won’t be seated with your school. This is all explained ahead of time and is spelled out pretty well on the flier we received.

On to the game. My son really enjoys seeing sports in real life. You get the sights and sounds and textures of the game. You get the excitement of people jumping up and screaming, and of cheering with the crowd and of dancing with the kind of cute “older lady” down the aisle who thinks it’s funny you are copying her moves. (she wasn’t old – just in her 20’s) We had great seats. I looked them up afterward and they go for $103 per seat. Again, we paid $22. We saw everything. We saw the blood in the fist fights. We could feel the slams on the glass reverberate up to us. We also happened to go on Military Appreciation Night, so we saw some touching tributes to our military, including a paratrooper who dropped into Normandy on June 5, 1944. It was so nice to see so much support for our military.

And what an amazing game to see. It was fairly high scoring as far as hockey games go. The Avs played the Tampa Bay Lightning and won 5-4. There were two major fist fights and a lot of really aggressive, fast play. My son was able to see well enough to really follow the puck and see the passing and scoring. He totally got into the game. At the between period intermissions they drop coupons or t-shirts on parachutes and my son got one of the t-shirts, so he was super excited. Apparently my husband who was getting a beer saw that happen on the TV in the lobby as well.

BUT the best part of the night as far as I was concerned was the hat trick. I’ve never seen one at a game I watched in real life and it’s hard to put into words the excitement in the arena when that happened. A hat trick in hockey is when one player scores 3 goals in one game. That’s no small feat in such a fast paced and low scoring game. The player who accomplished this was Nathan MacKinnon – a 19-year-old who now has the distinction of being the youngest in Avalanche history to do so. Joe Sakic being the only one younger by a few days for the entire NHL.

The craziness that ensued was awesome and my son truly enjoyed it. Everyone in the stands went crazy. The players went crazy. People were screaming and jumping up and down and hugging and dancing. Within seconds the entire rink was covered with people’s hats and it was really cool to see the “ice girls” cleaning them all up as the team celebrated. I truly enjoyed the night and so did everyone who was with us.

I wanted to research on whether or not other districts do the same thing and here in Denver, CO I found that most of the districts do have different sponsored sports nights. Check in your area and take advantage of them if you can. It was an awesome night.


Nathan MacKinnon scores a hat trick.

(Photo by – read more about the player and the game here.)


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